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Adhesive Restorations or White Fillings

What Is an Adhesive Restoration?

An adhesive restoration is another name for a “filling.” An adhesive restoration is a tooth-colored filling that is placed in a primary or permanent tooth. It may cover one or more surfaces of the tooth. Many cavities can be easily fixed using a white filling that mimics the color of the natural tooth.

White-colored fillings are called composite resins. A composite is a plastic material that contains microscopic filler particles (usually quartz or silica) to give it added strength. It actually bonds to the tooth so that it will stay in place well.

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Why Does My child Need Adhesive Restorations?

Adhesive restorations are required when a tooth has formed a cavity or where the tooth may not have formed properly. The decay or soft part of the tooth is removed, the tooth thoroughly cleaned and an adhesive restoration placed to restore the shape and contour of the tooth.

How if the White filling procedure carried out?

When we place a white filling we first make sure that the tooth is thoroughly numb.

White fillings will not bond well to a tooth in the presence of moisture so we use a rubber dam (explained below) to keep moisture (saliva) away from the tooth and to keep all of our materials out of your child’s mouth.

Next, we remove the decay and shape the tooth with a dental hand piece.

Then we treat the tooth with some bonding materials and add the composite resin (white filling). The composite material is putty-like and we can shape it so that it ends up looking just like the tooth originally did.

We shine a bright blue light on the tooth and this light causes the composite to harden very similar to tooth structure.

We polish up the filling and the next thing you know we have completed a white tooth- colored filling that looks almost exactly like the original tooth!

Please contact Dr. Kaur regarding information on adhesive restoration. Call 703-743-2324 for an appointment and visit us at Gainesville Dental Arts in Gainesville.